Turbo pizza club


About the project

First things first: I'm keen on writing code. So, starting a coding club did not come out of the blue. Turbo Pizza Club. Yeah, that’s a good name for a club. Are we right?

To communicate our club, we had to design and develop a website. And… as most kids born in the 90ies and 00ies, we had to inspire our website on the nostalgic 90ies GeoCities. The place where we played our favorite games, the place where we became interested in cool-looking websites. To make sure we checked on the right vibe, we kept three words in mind: bold, flashy and extreme. (No dad, our website is not ugly. It’s cool and trendy again.)

P.S.: Yep, I couldn’t resist also making a 3D pizza in Blender and Three.js. The name of the club just screamed for a good slice of pizza. Enjoy!


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