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About the project

Raise your hand if you know a good name for an application that schools could use to communicate with parents and kids? Come on, not everyone at the same time!

I thought about the name ‘Kwetter’. With this app kids wil learn in a fun way by using its animated, short and educational videos. No, it's not always a bed of roses. This app also comes with a function to publish assignments and quizzes for the children. Ik know… it’s sad.

But to make it more fun, I played around with its branding and design. I wanted to make an amusing app by using a playful, young and modern look and feel. This look and feel is -for me- perfect when you focus on kids with the age of six to twelve years. Because why would you name it ‘Bingel’ of ‘Smartschool’? Am I right? (No clue why I used these examples, though!)

So, what do you think about Kwetters branding and design? Let me know!



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