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About the project

Have you ever heard of the concept ‘Hoppin’? No? Well, the name ‘Hoppin’ tells what the concept's about. So what is the concept really? In short: with Hoppin, you literally hop from bus to tram to car to bike and so on to arrive as fast -or maybe as slow?- at the party of your best friend's goldfish. Easy. Right?

Well, what does this have to do with me? Glad you asked! Secretly I have been thinking about a possible app for Hoppin. (Okay, not that secret... I got it as an assignment for school... but I'm as pleased as punch with the result!) And yep, to create this, I really had to transform into a public transport user. Difficult. Especially with the tendency to go by car. But... how did I create good experiences? Easy. By carrying out various user tests and by always improving my design!

Curious about the result? Then take a close look at the visuals. Because... who knows, maybe you will soon have this app on hand to get to that weird party!