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hexagon Robbe Bierebeeck

A driven webdeveloper based in Antwerp.

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Fidgeting while I’m trying to figure out something in code… Yes, that’s something for me! Tell me your time. I’ll beat it!
Yep, I’m an Indie kid. There’s no way back! What my favorite band is? Glad you asked! The ‘Wallows’, ofcourse. If you do know them, kudos to you!
This is where the magic happens! The tools I’ll be using? That’s a secret. To give you a hint: I like working with JavaScript. Indeed. Vue, TypeScript and Node are not safe with me! And allright, I’m quiet a pro in PHP as well. For the rest I remain silent!
Do I have green fingers? Not really. Do I like plants? Definitely! Well, that’s why I’m only a digital gardener…
I love vintage items! Especially my Walkman I picked up from a local thrift store. Damn, The Beatles sound great out of those typical Walkman headphones!
‘Back to the Future’ is my all-time favorite movie! I’ve watched it over, and over, and over…
Do you know a good book? And has it anything to do with crime and webdev? BINGO! That’s what I like! So… can you give me its name? Please?
Is it obvious that I have coffee addiction? Or… does my room just look messy?
Give me a deadline! Cause… my alarm will be set.